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Green Wheel Coffee

For generations, and in many cases from an early age, our coffee producers have been working the land, learning techniques and improving their crops. Ancestral knowledge and knowledge that you can't find in textbooks.

What moves them?

Surprise consumers with the extraordinary taste of some of Colombia’s best and freshest coffees whilst creating a sustainable and fair business where producers can feel truly rewarded for the quality they produce and for the income they receive. To deliver a better cup of coffee everyday through continuous improvement at the coffee fields, at our roasting facility and through our logistics and via innovative ways of consumption for the end consumers.

  • Superieur quality coffees (specialty grade)
  • Locally roasted, always fresh
  • Direct Trade
  • Fair trade
  • Biodegradable packaging 0% plastic
  • CO2 offset program
  • Reforestation projects in Colombia
  • We give back: «Acompáñame a la Escuela» (bikes and shoes for rural children to go to school)

Aprox 5,2 CO2e/Kg Coffee *

Green Wheel Coffee: Know the Process
1. Sowing, harvesting and post-harvest
Valparaiso, Antioquia.
Fermentation, pulping and drying: on each farm. Farm/finca neighboring El Bosque, where we have selected slightly different varieties. for espresso and cap
2. Green quality control
Medellín, El Laboratorio de Café.
Not as dark as an Italian or French roast, it still offers a delicate and balanced acidity and nice body in cup. Fantastic. Threshing and packing for export in sacks.
3. Airfreight
Medellín, Colombia.
4. Roasting
Geneva, Switzerland.
Quality control and final packaging in Geneva.
5. Transport
Geneva, Switzerland.
From rue de Bourgogne 31 1203 Genève to Fitmarket’s deposit in Route des jeunes 6, 1212.

We believe in doing things right

From the producer to your house. We have traceability programs that ensure the quality of each product.
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*Value generated using IA, as our Transparency Proposal. The values are below examination for Organic Production 11.4; Fair Trade 5.4 and Conventional Production 13.0. Ref.